Monday, October 10, 2011

10 Things About Me.

1) I am a HUGE procrastinator. (I have nail projects to do but I keep putting them off)
2) I love playing video games. (Guys seem taken aback by this) *shrugs* Black Ops fan!!
3) I have over 100 nail polishes.
4) I am a recovering lip gloss addict! (I used to have over 100 lip glosses, but I sorted through them and threw out any old ones I don't wear, now I'm down to about 50 ish)
5) I'm really starting to dig lace clothing. I YouTube many videos on how to wear the style though.
6) When I discover something I like, I make my best effort to master it. Nails, Hair, Makeup, Games. I'm currently interested in Photography, so getting a more advanced camera is next.
7) I try not to let things get the best of me, but I'm human, so sometimes they do.
8) I used to be teased about my big eyes, and I disliked them at one point in my life. Now I LOVE them, they help define me.
9) I'm willing to help and and everyone, meeting people is very easy for me.
10) I'm addicted and fascinated with piercings and tattoos. 6 tattoos and 8 piercings and counting.

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