Monday, October 17, 2011

Nude Lace Nails

Birthday Girl!!

Ok guys, so today is my 20th birthday. I'm super excited but haven't made any real plans. Guess it might just be dinner then back home. I'll post nail, hair, and eye pics if i remember to take them all.

Monday, October 10, 2011

10 Things About Me.

1) I am a HUGE procrastinator. (I have nail projects to do but I keep putting them off)
2) I love playing video games. (Guys seem taken aback by this) *shrugs* Black Ops fan!!
3) I have over 100 nail polishes.
4) I am a recovering lip gloss addict! (I used to have over 100 lip glosses, but I sorted through them and threw out any old ones I don't wear, now I'm down to about 50 ish)
5) I'm really starting to dig lace clothing. I YouTube many videos on how to wear the style though.
6) When I discover something I like, I make my best effort to master it. Nails, Hair, Makeup, Games. I'm currently interested in Photography, so getting a more advanced camera is next.
7) I try not to let things get the best of me, but I'm human, so sometimes they do.
8) I used to be teased about my big eyes, and I disliked them at one point in my life. Now I LOVE them, they help define me.
9) I'm willing to help and and everyone, meeting people is very easy for me.
10) I'm addicted and fascinated with piercings and tattoos. 6 tattoos and 8 piercings and counting.