Sunday, June 19, 2011

Converse Nails

I found a similar video on youtube about sneaker nails and i decided to recreate the look.

Tribal Inspired Nails

I found a very colorful nail design online, and i decided to give it a try, here's the outcome. The last picture is the picture i found of the original nail.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Pet Peeves

It's about that time, to announce my pet peeves hehe, sooo here we go:

1) Seeing me shiver on a winter day, and asking me if I'm cold.
2) The toilet seat being left up.*SPLASH* yes, we've all been there..Darn you men!!
3) Not washing your hands after using the restroom, trust me I've seen it*smdh*
4) While eating nuts, you dig your hands in the mix to find the ones you like. EWW, moist nuts *bleh*
5) Kids, well people for that matter, with no manners. There's always that one person.
6) Talking extremely loud on your cell phone, no one wants to hear your conversation.
7) Playing music without headphones, that's why they were invented, to keep the music to yourself *rolling eyes*.
8) Having shades on, in the dead of night. Are you trying to hide or something?

Easy Dinner-Beef Lo Mein

Showing my dinner creation, mom loved it! *happy dance*

Nooka Watch

Late last year or early this year, my boyfriend got me a Nooka watch, i absolutely looove it ! The color is unique and it's durable. The color is cinnamon. Here's a link to the watch, but they no longer sell it in the specific color that i have.

My Orange Lipsticks!

Hey guys!

This is just a quick post, of me babbling on about my two orange lipsticks. I posted photos of the lipsticks with and without flash so you can see the differences. One is from Nicka K:Vibrant Orange and the other Milani:Sunfire. The lipstick by Nicka K has a funny smell for one, like watermelon or something along those lines, and the color isn't what i expected. It isn't as pigmented or matte as i would of have liked it. The Milani solid lip shine pencil is very pigmented, and glides on very easily. There is no smell and a little of the lipstick goes a long way. Overall, i recommend the Milani brand to anyone looking for a nice orange. I paid $0.99 for the Nicka K from my local beauty supply store, and the Milani one i purchased online for $2.80. Sorry guys the last photo of the Milani, lip pencil wouldn't fit.