Friday, June 17, 2011

My Orange Lipsticks!

Hey guys!

This is just a quick post, of me babbling on about my two orange lipsticks. I posted photos of the lipsticks with and without flash so you can see the differences. One is from Nicka K:Vibrant Orange and the other Milani:Sunfire. The lipstick by Nicka K has a funny smell for one, like watermelon or something along those lines, and the color isn't what i expected. It isn't as pigmented or matte as i would of have liked it. The Milani solid lip shine pencil is very pigmented, and glides on very easily. There is no smell and a little of the lipstick goes a long way. Overall, i recommend the Milani brand to anyone looking for a nice orange. I paid $0.99 for the Nicka K from my local beauty supply store, and the Milani one i purchased online for $2.80. Sorry guys the last photo of the Milani, lip pencil wouldn't fit.

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Crystal said...

thanks for your comment! love the lipstick colors